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BASIRE design Group offers service in all aspects of spatial design: from architecture to interior design and project management.

Every kind of exterior and interior decision is based on unique space, determined by certain place and time. Our partnership with furniture, decorative and finishing materials manufacturers combined with our creative thinking is one of the reasons the ideas we offer are successful. We aspire to be a reliable mediator between our clients and partners.

We treat every project as a possibility to cooperate with Customer, in order to design and realize functional, esthetic and budget tasks in modern decisions related to commercial and residential projects.


It has been long in Kazakhstan, that when a little boy had to go through his dedication parents granted him a colt (little camel or horse - basire), which was treated as a boy’s property from that moment. Tradition says that the future of a boy is tightly related to his own basire that he does not ride and certainly do not sell or score.In fact, people care about the little camel as much as they care about their son. Growing in tight relation with camel or a horse boys feel more convenient as they learn to appreciate and love their animals – the main wealth of Kazakhs.